A downloadable game for Windows

You need to send an important message to Motherboard, be careful.


Hey, thanks for download this game.
Also check the discord server of Motherboard.

https://discord.gg/a4cQd2B { Welcome to Motherboard}

<<< C O N T R O L S >>>

Z - Dash
X - Asist Mode

B - Previous Room
N - Next Room

R - Reset the game

ALT + ENTER = Full screen

Yes, this game are going to have updates.

<<< C R E D I T S >>>

Art - Programming
Music Part 1
Music Part 2



O B S S E S I V E.rar 15 MB


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this is so awsome!!

Thank you!!

I still have the editable file, do you want a new version with new stages? o__ O

this is a work of frickin art!

nice job!

Thank youuu <3